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Stage Director

Matthew J. Schulz


Schulz is a multifaceted stage director and theatre artist who is committed to fostering inclusivity, community, and integrity within their artistic pursuits. He strongly believes that the world of opera and the musical stage are crucial to our development as a society and our understanding of the human condition.

Reframing American Opera

Schulz is an advocate for the expansion of the traditional operatic canon. The more perspectives that are represented on our theatrical stages and within public and academic discourse, the stronger we will grow as a society. Schulz continues to work towards cataloging operatic works from historically underrepresented repertoires while challenging the current lack of inclusivity within the term "American Opera." Their catalogs can be found below. 

This catalog provides artists, administrators, and academics, pertinent information for the performance, exploration, and study of more than 1,360 operatic works by roughly 600 U.S. women composers.  By expanding our knowledge of the operatic output of U.S. women, we combat the underrepresentation of women composers in the United States. This catalog does not comment on the quality or viability of these works or composers, but rather aims to give  greater visibility  to the bevy of U.S. women composers and their operatic works. 

This catalog is forthcoming.

This catalog is forthcoming.

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